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Active white towels

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Through numerous washing and residues in the wash liquor is produced on white fabrics with time an ugly gray haze.Prolonged chairs can create a unsightly yellowish tint. The Dr. Beckmann active white towels with a sophisticated combination of optical brighteners remove graying and yellowing and give the clothes back her radiant white. Used regularly keeps White its luminosity and a gray haze can not arise.

Important instructions

  • One wipe for a wash load of 5 kg.
  • Please refer to user manual of the device manufacturer.

Not suitable for

  • Textiles, who came into contact with sunscreen

Bright white - wash after wash

  • Practical White Towels
  • With White activator
  • Increase the brightness of white linen
  • Remove gray haze & Gilb
  • For a long-lasting, bright white
  • For regular use
  • Effective from 20 ° C  

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