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Frosch Pomegranate Detergent

6,99 €


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Email: info@myliusvara.lt
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Product description

FROSCH pomegranate detergent provides high efficiency and fiber-deep cleaning at temperatures from 20 ° to 95 ° C. In addition, the formula protects and nourishes the textile fibers with natural pomegranate extracts, minimizing fraying of the fibers, thus ensuring smooth, soft and bright white laundry. The carefully selected fragrances decrease the risk of skin irritation. Dermatologically tested. Powerful and caring washing performance, protects textile fibers with natural pomegranate extract. 


TO WASH ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: sort laundry (e.g. by color, degree of soiling, type of fiber), please note care instructions in the textiles Wash with full load Do not use too much detergent, follow the dosing instructions Wash with low temperature. Special treatment before washing stubborn stains: Put FROSCH Pomegranate detergent directly on the dirty spot and leave on TIP: The usage of this product and comply with the recommendations will contribute to the reduction of water pollution, waste production and energy consumption

Product advantages

• High detergency at temperatures from 20 ° to 95 ° C. Suitable for all fabrics except wool and silk. For best wash results for heavily soiled laundry, a washing temperature from 30 ° C should be chosen

• The formula with natural pomegranate extracts - known for textile fibers and cell protection - protects and nourishes textile fibers and ensures soft, radiant clean laundry and a comfortable fit

• With selected fragrances the risk of skin irritation is reduced. Dermatologically tested - without additional preservatives.

• Also suitable for prewashing of stubborn stains.

• The recloseable environmental bag with 70% less packaging compared to a conventional1.8-liter bottle of the same product.

• 100% recyclable.

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