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Liqiud detergent Aloe Vera

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Product description

Du to its special formula with an optimized tenside system and lack of artificial colors and preservatives, Frosch Aloe Vera Liquid Detergent ensures efficient, but skin-friendly washing power. It contains Aloe Vera extracts, which have proven their skin-friendliness and healing properties for decades. Due to its carefully selected fragrances, it has reduced allergy potential. Brilliantly clean laundry for almost all textiles at temperatures from 30° to 95°C

Use and product advantages

Place the necessary amount of undiluted detergent into the detergent chamber of the main wash cycle or with a common laundry ball directly in the washing drum. No prewashing necessary. Pretreat difficult stains as follows: place Frosch Liquid Detergent Aloe Vera directly onto the soiled area, allow to penetrate and then wash the laundry as normal in the laundry machine

• The formula with natural Aloe Vera extracts – famous for its skin care properties – ensures powerful, but skin-friendly washing. • The risk of skin irritation is reduced by using selected fragrances. • Dermatologist tested – no dyes or preservatives. • Very economical

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