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  • "Prewash - Stain removers (soap with gall and lemon scent). Brush to clean the stain before washing. Reliably cleaned with a soft brush to remove even hard and longstanding (dry) spots. Remove such stains: grease, oil, grease, blood, milk, fruit, tomato sauce, vegetables, baby food and other stains before washing. Use: suitable for all fabrics, except...

    1,99 €
  • Biological stain remover. Also suitable for soft upholstery and carpet cleaning. Safely removes stains from fabrics, soft upholstery and carpets. Suitable for use and washing hands. Dermatologically tested skin friendly. Application: Before use, check the sight of tissue site, or soap does not remove color. Ok Wet soap and tissue. Delete the stain with...

    1,89 €
  • Streak-free cleaning and long-lasting shine With specialty surfactants for the streak-free cleaning of glass ceramic field Nourishes and leaves long-lasting shine For all hobs of ceramic and induction cookers, as well as heat-resistant viewing windows of ovens With fresh citrus scent Dermatologically tested The Dr. Beckmann ceramic gloss cleaner has been...

    2,19 €
  • For white wash the hygiene requirements are usually very high. By frequent washing at low temperatures, however unpleasant odors on fabrics can occur and the laundry is no longer purely pristine. In addition, she loses her luminous white, grays or gets an unsightly yellowish tint. Dr. Beckmann Hygiene White combines the important factors hygiene and...

    3,19 €
Showing 36 - 39 of 39 items
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