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  • Through numerous washing and residues in the wash liquor is produced on white fabrics with time an ugly gray haze.Prolonged chairs can create a unsightly yellowish tint. The Dr. Beckmann active white towels with a sophisticated combination of optical brighteners remove graying and yellowing and give the clothes back her radiant white. Used regularly keeps...

    3,39 €
  • Powerful and intense dishwashing power with natural soda for effective grease-dissolving power.

    6,69 €
  • Product information Frosch Vinegar Essence removes limescale with natural fruit vinegar. Ideal for pots, kettles, taps and showerheads. Use and product advantages For light limescale use 2 table spoons (30ml) to 5L of water. For stubborn limescale use undiluted, leave it on and then rinse well. For coffee machínes please follow the care instructions...

    1,99 €
  • Product description Frosch Powder Detergent Citrus offers you a formula with activated oxygen and natural citrus extracts: Your whites and heavily soiled pieces of laundry are cleaned down to the fiber at any temperature. The formula with activated oxygen bleach ensures optimum washing results and is particularly well-suited for stubborn stains like...

    5,99 €
  • Product description Frosch textile softeners contain plant-based active ingredients, whose selected fragrances reduce the risk of skin irritations. They protect and care for textile fibers and the selected ingredients from the cosmetics industry are particularly gentle for both laundry and skin. Frosch textile softeners ensure soft laundry, great wearing...

    2,39 €
  • Product description Du to its special formula with an optimized tenside system and lack of artificial colors and preservatives, Frosch Aloe Vera Liquid Detergent ensures efficient, but skin-friendly washing power. It contains Aloe Vera extracts, which have proven their skin-friendliness and healing properties for decades. Due to its carefully selected...

    6,69 €
  • Streak-free cleaning and long-lasting shine With specialty surfactants for the streak-free cleaning of glass ceramic field Nourishes and leaves long-lasting shine For all hobs of ceramic and induction cookers, as well as heat-resistant viewing windows of ovens With fresh citrus scent Dermatologically tested The Dr. Beckmann ceramic gloss cleaner has been...

    2,19 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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